Costa Rica has an area of 51,100 sq km (19,730 sq mi) about the size of  Vermont and New Hampshire combined.  The Capital is San Jose with a population of about 2 million.  Costa Rica is made of  7 Provinces: Alajuela, Cartago, Heredia, Puntarenas, Guanacaste, Limon and San Jose.  You will find a mild climate in the highlands such as San Jose and tropical and subtropical in the coastal areas such as Guanacaste, Puntarenas and Limon.  Costa Rica is a tropical country with several distinct climatic zones.  There are only 2 seasons, Summer and Winter.


Costa Rican population is made of about 94% European and some mestizo, 3% African origin,  1% Chinese, 1% Amerindian and 1% Others.  Costa Ricans are very catholic:  70.5% Roman Catholic, 13.8% Evangelical Protestant, 15.6% Others.  The official language is Spanish.  In the province of Limon they also speak a southwester Caribbean Creole dialect of English.  English is also spoken, specially in tourist areas.  Costa Rican are well educated, with a literacy of 96%.  Costa Rica has a population of 4.3 millions.


Costa Rica is a democratic republic, which got its independence on September 15, 1821.  Its current constitution was created on November 7, 1949.  Its government is made of 3 main branches: Executive (President and its ministers), Legislative (57 Legislative Assembly) and Judicial (Supreme court and its magistrates).  Costa Rica is made of 7 provinces divided into 81 cantons, subdivided into 421 districts.  Costa Rica has several political parties: Liberacion Nacional, Partido Accion Ciudadana, Unidad Social Cristiana among others


Costa Rica was discovered by Christopher Columbus in 1502.  When he arrived to Costa Rica and saw all the gold the Indians were wearing he decided to call this land Costa Rica, which stands for Rich Coast. Costa Rica used to live out of the coffee, banana and beef exports.  Today Tourism is now a major business and the most import source of income for the country.

It is important to mention that Costa Rica is one of the most visited countries in Latin America because of it natural resources.

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